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Monroe Fuches is a main character in Barry. He is portrayed by Stephen Root.

Fuches acts as Barry Berkman's handler, arranging his hits and handling the business side of Barry's job as an hitman.


Monroe Fuches was a friend of Barry's father, Barry describing him as "like an Uncle to him". After an incident in Korangal, Afghanistan, Fuches was able to arrange for Barry's discharge from the Marines. In the years following, seeing Barry's potential, Fuches made every effort to mould Barry into an assassin. In Season 1, Fuches organized Barry's hits, taking half of the money for himself. He is constantly trying to manipulate Barry for his own gain, often leading Barry to believe that killing is his life's purpose.


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  1. Fuches identifies himself as private detective "Kenneth Goulet" when he talks to Gene Cousineau (in the episode "The Audition") and also later, when approaching others (in "all the sauces").